Special FX Make Up

Create gory gashes or lifelike wounds with our fabulous range of Special FX makeup.
View all /roman-armour-breastplate 3d-gel-blood-red Army Sailor and Pilots Bald Caps-Pates Ben Nye ben-nye-fresh-scab-1oz ben-nye-stage-blood-0-5oz Blood blood-squirt-bright-5fl-oz Bloods bloody-nurse-kit Brands broken-bone Bruise Wheels Brush and sponges Brushes/Sponges & Misc Build your own Tag Kit bullet-hole-wound-transfer Camouflage Make Up Camouflage Make Up (link to grimas) Casualty Kits Character Kits Character Kits (link to fx) classic-horror-clown cleansing-lotion cleansing-lotion-1 Clown and Circus clown-horn-1 clown-shoe-covers coagulated-blood-gel coagulated-blood-gel-1 Colour & Fx Bruise Wheels Comic Relieff complete-zombie-adult crazy-clown-wig-red Crepe Hair Crepe Hair (link to grimas) cut-slash-wound-transfer decaying-zombie-gloves deluxe-zombie-makeup-kit derma-wax-2 Essentials Fix Powder Clean Remove Fix Powder Remove Clean Fixers and Removers Fixers Powder Remove Clean funworld-blood-capsules funworld-face-zipper-deluxe-devil funworld-face-zipper-deluxe-vampire funworld-face-zipper-deluxe-warewolf funworld-face-zipper-deluxe-zombie funworld-family-size-horror-kit funworld-gory-gash-fx-kit funworld-pint-of-blood funworld-scar-face-fx-kit funworld-slashed-face-make-up-kit funworld-stitched-up-fx-kit funworld-vampire-bite-kit funworld-vampire-fangs funworld-vampire-make-up-kit-with-fangs funworld-werewolf-make-up-kit funworld-zombie-family-make-up-kit funworld-zombie-make-up-kit-peeling-skin funworld-zombie-make-up-kit-scabs FX Kits FX tips and tutorials gory-wounds Grimas Grimas Brush & Sponges Halloween Halloween Collection Home Page Adverts Latex & Waxes Latex and Waxes latex-milk latex-milk#content Make Up Kits mastix-extra Mehron mehron-tooth-fx-black mehron-tooth-fx-nicotine mehron-tooth-fx-spinach mehron-werewolf multi-remover New to Face Painting Guide nurse-stethoscope nurse-syringe open-wound Pirate Popular Themes Pro & FX Wheels products/modelling-tool-1 Professional Make up Kits Prosthetic's Scars and Wounds prosthetics Prosthetics Pro Prosthetics Scars n Wounds skincare-cream-1 Snazaroo Snazaroo Kits snazaroo-gel-blood-dark Special FX stage-blood-bright-1oz Standard Colours stitches-scar stitches-scar-1 Tag Body Art Teeth Fangs and Enamels Teeth Fangs n Enamels the-count-make-up-kit Tooth Enamel Uniforms vampire-cape werewolf-1 werewolf-fangs werewolf-hands zip-face-scar zombie-blood-capsules zombie-eye-with-eyeball zombie-fake-skin-liquid-latex zombie-family-makeup-kit zombie-flesh zombie-teeth-paint-and-blood-kit

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