Camouflage-Tattoo Make Up, G0



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Camouflage-Tattoo Cover, G0

Our G0, Grimas Camouflage and Tattoo Cover Make Up is perfect for masking skin discolouration's including Birthmarks and skin blemishes.

Also ideal for covering and blending bald caps and latex.

Must be used with a Fixing powder or underneath foundation and is removed with Cleansing Cream

Camouflage Make-up is available in 2.5ml individual cups and palettes of 12 or 24 pieces.

Skin tones are available as an 18ml twist stick.


Camouflage Make-up (Pure) can be applied directly onto the skin. You can apply Grimas Under Make-up Base first if the skin is dry or sensitive. Allow 10 minutes for it to be absorbed before continuing. You can apply a very thin layer of Grimas Anti Shine to the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) before using the Camouflage Make-up (Pure) on greasy or combination skin (partially greasy).


Using a clean spatula and slightly damp latex sponge apply onto the skin with a dabbing/rolling action. Apply the base layer up into the hairline and do not forget the ears and neck. This will prevent it from looking like a mask.

To fix and matt it, you can powder the Camouflage off with Grimas Fixing Powder, Make up Powder or Colour Powder. If you want to affect the colour more, use Grimas Compact Powder.


You can remove the Camouflage with Grimas Cleansing Cream, Multi Remover or Make-up Remover. Clean further if necessary with soap and water. Then cleanse the skin with Cleansing Lotion.

Does not contain any chemical preservatives (such as parabens) or halogenated organic compounds. The ‘Pure' products, like all Grimas products, are gluten-free and unperfumed.

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Manufacturer: Grimas


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